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Killing Spree VII Killing Spree VII

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I'm actually rather disappointed. I've kept up with this since it was made, And it actually had a good story to it. I waited for years for this one to come out, And now that I've watched this, I'm rather disappointed. The story was turned into nothing but a "OH BLOOD." "LISTEN TO MY MUSIC." "ISN'T THIS COOL?" sort of flash, And it just sours the whole series right at the end.

Let's also talk about the END of Killing spree... The gipsey's death had absolutely no bearing on the story at the end as the (What we were to assume was a cop looking for revenge on his partner/wife...) was just... flat out decapitated. Also, She was shot and probably dead long before he even did that. Also at the end, When he was just cut in half was rather anti-climatic. I, As one person who was rather excited to see this, Found it to be a huge let down. Also, They refer to his killing streak being in the 50s? Wasn't it more like hundreds? Didn't he destroy buildings in a TANK in one of the earlier episodes? What about his friend? Didn't he want to get revenge for him before the cop shot the main protagonist in the head? And lastly, WHY would the gipsey say, "No. He can't be dead. It's impossible. It's not yet midnight." Which would imply just that, HE CAN NOT DIE BEFORE MIDNIGHT!

On smaller and more nitpicking notes:
The cut on the cop's face is on the wrong side.
The main character's gunshot wound wasn't a huge hole, But a tiny spot where the bullet entered.
The gypsy's eyes were green, And not purple.
Also, I may be wrong about this, But she never had the crystal ball with her at the end.
Also, The cop acted professional for the most part, And not like a crazy psychopathic asshole.
The voice actor for the cop I believe isn't right.

I know it HAS been a while, But you could have at least watched the old ones before finishing the new one, Especially after such a long pause.

As for the other comments, @Darknessfalls003, No. It was made by the person who did Joe Zombie, And they were made around the same time.

As for the music, It was ok. You jumped it around so much though, I didn't know what to feel. You didn't give us a chance to FEEL the mood of the situation.

Overall, I feel your quality went up, But the heart you put into it went down. It was half-assed, Half-cocked, And overall not as good as the previous episodes. Of course, This is just one person's opinion and I feel you should continue animation, But don't continue this series unless you plan to rewrite the ending episode to fix the issues with continuity and story.

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Miaka Miaka

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Gotta love mittsies stuff. Great game, Love the feel of it too.

Tentacle Monsters Tentacle Monsters

Rated 5 / 5 stars

hehe....Funny and action packed...

Very nice stick movie if i must say so myself ^^ the consept was great and i just love the lil tentacle monsters... you should do a follow-up movie (if there's not one already...haven't checked yet...) and make a little mini series out of it. all and all great movie and gave me a good little 45 seconds of giggles :P

With small, tentacle love:

Violet ~<3

PS: i'm suprized nobody made a mention of porn on this... good for you reviewers!

Recent Game Reviews

Berzerk Ball 2 Berzerk Ball 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I'm going to admit right now, The phone version of this game is rather lame in the sense that it's about 10 times easier to land perfect hits. This version is actually not bad. It's more of a challenge to land a good hit and it looks just as good. Overall, The game is well polished, And I LOVE beating the living crap out of the nerd in the "Cloud" knockoff (Which I nicknamed "Dirt"... lol.).

As for faults, There are a few bugs in some of the hits where if you get to max speed he just won't slow down, Or some sort of anti-cheating measure which can sometimes halt you in your tracks if you're doing TOO good. (Ether that or a glitch.)

Aside from a few minor faults, I'd say this is one game to play through and have fun with!

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AEvil AEvil

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Considering the age of which this flash is, I find it actually pretty good. It had a lot of love put into it. The music was pretty good as well as the graphics to some degree. To be honest, I've seen much worse than this.

Also, As a little fact, This isn't the first game on NEWGROUNDS as a whole, But rather the oldest game from newgrounds or possibly the first game of the 2000 series of newgrounds. Tom has had newgrounds since somewhere in the 1990s (1997 or 98 I believe. Possibly longer.) .

⋆==== The more you know...

Kill Assistant Cook Kill Assistant Cook

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Crude animations, Bad sounds, Lame deaths.

You put in no effort, No love, No care. Honestly, This is one of those games that should have never made it past judgement.

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